Ashley Fenderson’s work is about death, risk, spirituality, vision and solitude in the American West. She is inspired by how people use, approach, and interact with the land, physically, historically, and psychologically. Her most significant influences are monster truck shows, landscapes and skyscapes of the Southwest, spiritual practices of the Desert Mothers and Fathers, westerns, heavy metal, Early American and Puritan writings, ballistic explosives, and the divine masculine. She enjoys treading the visual line between austerity and insanity. Sparse drawings, miniatures, plein air studies, ephemeral sculptures, large paintings, audio/visual documentation and site-specific installation all have a place in her practice.

She received her BA in Studio Art from University of California, Irvine in 2007. Currently, Ashley is an MFA candidate at San Diego State University.

She makes her home with her husband, Minh, in San Diego.